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The Japanese corporation KYB is one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic systems. The company produces shock absorbers for more than 70 years. At first it was called KAYABA, after the name of the founder Shiro Kayaba. This name is well caught on in Poland.
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About company KYB

The headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. More than 11,500 employees worldwide.

Years of experience have allowed KYB to become a leading company not only in industrial production and further development of shock absorbers and springs, but also in the field of integrated vehicle control systems along with suspension module.

Today every fourth car in the world comes off the assembly line with KYB shock absorbers.

KYB product range (Kayaba):

  • Standard Series Shock Absorbers;
  • Shock absorbers sport and tuning;
  • Springs;
  • Protective kits (dust covers and bumpers);
  • Mounting kits (upper supports);

KYB – are some of the best shock absorbers on the market. They can be attributed to the premium segment, although the price of parts for budget cars is also quite affordable.

The manufacturer KYB has many lines of shock absorbers, although the main only two.

What is the difference between oil shock absorbers and gas-oil shock absorbers?

According to the perception of most car owners, oil shock absorbers are "softer", the car feels more comfortable, but tilts more in corners and "bites" during acceleration and braking. Gas-oil shock absorbers are stiffer, but provide better control of the road and driving. We would like to remind you that all shock absorbers, regardless of their construction, use oil, or to be more precise a special hydraulic fluid. In oil shock absorbers air pressure is atmospheric, while in gas-oil shock absorbers - both of single and double tube design - in order to improve their performance, inert gas is pumped in under high pressure. This is why professionals refer to gas-oil shock absorbers as "gas-filled" shock absorbers.

KYB (Kayaba) PREMIUM shock absorbers

Premium double-tube oil shock absorbers are the best option for economical replacement of used original shock absorbers. Increased comfort level.

Depending on the vehicle, different shock absorber designs are required. It is easy to identify them by the first two digits of the code. If the number starts with 44 - it is a classic two-pipe shock absorber. If 63 - a two-tube McPherson-type strut. If 66 - two-tube oil cartridge. Also by these numbers you can find out that it is the oil shock absorber in front of you.

KYB (Kayaba) EXCEL-G shock absorbers-G

The Excel-G dual-tube gas-filled shock absorbers are an excellent replacement for the stock shock absorbers, providing improved vehicle handling and increased driving safety.
They also differ in design by the first two digits of the number. If it starts with 34 - it is a classic two-pipe shock absorber. If 33, it's a two-tube McPherson-type strut. If 36 - two-pipe gas-oil cartridge.

KYB GAS-A-JUST shock absorbers

Gas-A-Just self-adjusting single-tube shock absorbers are the perfect replacement for vehicles that require high-fidelity handling and a high coefficient of grip on any road surface. And it doesn't matter if it's an expressway or true off-road.
The Gas-A-Just series are exclusively single-tube shock absorbers that are considered "self-adjusting" and use a weather-resistant shock absorber fluid. Due to their special design they provide greater stability. Only suitable for vehicles with standard single-tube shock absorbers.

KYB ULTRA SR shock absorbers

Two-tube gas-filled high-performance Ultra SR shock absorbers are a special development, providing the best handling and maximum safety when driving in semi-sport and sport modes.
They are installed on many sports cars as standard. Shock absorbers for aggressive driving style and powerful cars. There is another sport series - AGX shock absorbers. They are distinguished by the fact that they allow adjusting the damping independently, adjusting it to four-way or eight-way cycles.

KYB (Kayaba) AGX shock absorbers

Adjustable gas-filled double-tube shock absorbers AGX - a special series, allowing the driver to change the damping of shock absorbers in accordance with the road conditions, without dismantling and special tools, with an external regulator

KYB (Kayaba) MONOMAX shock absorbers

MonoMax high-pressure gas-filled single-tube shock absorbers, designed specifically for use on vehicles with 4×4 wheel configuration, pickup trucks, as well as sport models based on them.

It was developed specifically for American pickup trucks and SUVs with all-wheel drive.

KYB (Kayaba) K'LASSIC shock absorbers

The K'lassic series is designed for safe and economical replacement of shock absorbers on older car models.

It is worth mentioning the K'lassic line - it appeared quite recently, just a few years ago. K'lassic shock absorbers are designed for safe and economical replacement of shock absorbers on older car models.

Yes, you are not mistaken - these are inexpensive struts from KYB exclusively for "oldsters". You will not find any shock absorbers in this series for cars under 20 years old - only old-school.

KYB (Kayaba) K-FLEX springs

High quality suspension springs for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Protective kits KYB (Kayaba). Dust covers and bumpers

Set of KYB dusters and bumpers, effectively protecting the stem, body and shock absorber gland from negative environmental factors

KYB installation kits (Kayaba). Upper supports

KYB upper supports, made of quality materials with modern equipment, improve handling and comfort when driving on any road. one of the key elements of the suspension