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Returns and Warranty 


Warranty and return of goods

Buying at EXIST.AE means reliability of the seller and peace of mind for the buyer.

EXIST.AE customers are protected: from defective, counterfeit, incorrect order placed by our employee.

Warranty conditions:
- 6 months or 20,000 km.
- for tires and wheels - at the moment of installation on the vehicle.

The warranty card is the bill of sale for the product you purchased from EXIST.AE. Even if the bill of sale has not been saved, we will identify the fact and date of purchase in our operating system.
Claims processing time is usually at the time of application, and if it is necessary to check the causes of the defect, the period may be extended up to 7 business days.

Claims conditions:
- for goods valued up to 300 AED, except for electrical goods - return of defective goods without documents;
- for goods costing 300 AED or more, as well as any electrical products - providing the defective goods, the order to install the goods at the service station and the act of malfunction;
- the cost of goods to be must installed in pairs, calculated as the cost of one pair.
- Compliance with the conditions under which the warranty is valid (see "Policy about warranty and return of goods purchased at EXIST.AE online store");

The amount of payment of costs in case of a warranty:
- the price of defective goods;
- other documented costs connected with the elimination of the detected defect - when presenting the order to install the goods at the service station and and the act of malfunction.

Return of goods of proper quality.

You didn't need or didn't fit a product you purchased at EXIST.AE? - No problem!
The return period is within 7 days, not counting the day of purchase.
After 7 days, the return can be made by prior arrangement with the personal manager. We will consider your appeal and solve the situation in your favor as much as possible.

Return Policy:
- the product has not been used or installed;
- retained it marketable look and consumer qualities;
- packaging, labels, and markings are intact.

The procedure for filing
To make a warranty claim or return the goods of proper quality you need to contact us in any comfortable way: a visit to the sales office, phone call, e-mail, etc.
As an official appeal and confirmation of the transfer of the goods, the customer should draw up a Claim for quality or Statement of Returns, which can be filled out directly at the sales office with the help of our staff or sent to us by e-mail.
After receiving the product and issuing a return, the money is returned to the customer's balance by default and can be used for the next orders. To return the money to the bank card, the client should contact with personal manager.


Do not send the goods without prior agreement.

The goods must be packed properly. Do not apply labels, stickers and tape on the original packaging: the correct packaging of the goods is the responsibility of the sender, and the breach of these conditions may result in a refusal of the return.