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For suppliers 

Dear suppliers and manufacturers of auto spare parts and accessories!
Internet-shop EXIST.AE invites you to cooperation!
We consider cooperation with suppliers of auto parts as one of the main directions of company development in order to provide maximum assortment of goods for our clients all over the world.

We offer potential partners:


  1. Fruitful long-term cooperation;
  2. Wide audience of our customers all over the UAE and other countries.
  3. Extensive advertising and marketing opportunities of our company to promote supplied goods.
  4. Promotion of private label brands.


All offers for cooperation, please send in the form of a price list to e-mail: [email protected]

The necessary structure of the price list:


Part number


Selling price




5 AED/$

We would also be grateful separately. If along with the price list there will be information about the product:

Product name

Product photo

Product characteristics

Product description

Crossings (analogues) with other brands or original number

Applicability to the vehicle (make, model, modification)

In order for the product to sell, as much data and photos as possible must be filled out.

We work with suppliers and manufacturers not only from UAE. We receive and sell goods both from the UAE and from other countries of the world.

Our customers often look for and buy unusual, rarely used goods.

You have an opportunity to sell your low demand goods, as well as to increase sales of your "fast moving" products.

Purchasing department contacts for cooperation offers:
e-mail: [email protected]
tel: +971 50 676 0552