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Repair parts 

Parts for service Filters, Oils, Brake pads, Spark plugs, Brake discs, wiper blades, fluids, timing belts and drive belts.
Suspension parts Shock absorbers and struts, Bushings, Pivots, Shock absorber bearings, Thrust bearings, Ball bearings, Air suspension, Hub bearings, Springs, Anthers and shock absorbers, Rods, Springs, Levers, Silent blocks, Stands, stabilizer bushings.
Units and Engine Parts Cylinder blocks, Crankshafts and distribution shafts, Main and connecting rod bearings, Sleeves, Rings, Flywheels, Oil pumps, Pistons, Cranks, Valves, Tensioners, Belts, Rollers, Gears, Cylinder heads (cylinder head), Valve caps, Hydraulic compensators, Pallets, Engine and gearbox mounts, gaskets, oil seals, chains, pulleys.
Brake parts Brake drums, Brake and clutch reservoirs, Rods and brakes, Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Brake disks, Brake shoes and brake linings, Handbrake shoes, Handbrake cables, Brake calipers, Brake tubes and hoses, Brake booster, Brake cylinders and tires .
Filters Air filters, Hydraulic gas filters, Jet filters, Oil filters, Air dryer filters, Coolant filters, Vapor-fuel filters, Diesel particulate filters (DPF), Carbon and antibacterial cabin filters, Fuel filters
Brake pads and linings Brake pads and linings
Plugs Spark plugs, glow plugs
Transmission parts Cardan and drive shafts, CVTs, CVT belts, Forks and clutch rods and gearboxes, Differentials (gearboxes), Main gears, Automatic transmission components, Crosses, Axles, Elastic couplings, Suspended bearings, Half shafts, Cables, CV joints and CV joints, Gearbox filters, Clutch discs and baskets, Release bearings.
Engine cooling Expansion tanks and covers, tank covers, Radiator fans, Radiator caps and caps, Drive couplings, Coolant pumps (pipes), Pipes and hoses, Oil coolers and engine cooling, Thermostats and thermostat cases
Steering control Power steering tanks, Power steering shafts and columns, Power steering tips and thrusts, Power steering pumps, Power steering anthers, Power steering, Power steering electric and hydraulic pumps (Power steering, electric power steering)
Ignition parts Ignition locks, Ignition coils, Switches, High-voltage wires, Ignition wires, Distributors, Runners, Sparkplugs and glow plugs
Sensors ABS, pressure, speed and other sensors.
Electrical parts Batteries, Relay and fuse blocks, Control units, Sensors, Indicators and pointers, Buttons and switches, Fuses, Relays, Sound signals, Stabilizers and diode bridges, Solenoids and electric valves, Electric motors, Wiring
Heating and air conditioning system Autonomous heaters (WEBASTO), Fans, Ducts, Evaporators, Air-conditioning compressors, Condensers, Dehumidifiers, Pipes, Damper actuators, Radiators, Heating pipes and hoses
Universal fasteners Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Clips, Retaining Rings, Plugs and Sockets, Screws, Clamps, Washers, Studs
Exhaust system Muffler, corrugations, catalysts, manifolds, nozzles, resonators, tubes.
Air intake system Throttle body, Intercoolers, Compressors, Air filter housings, Turbocharger and intercooler pipes, Turbochargers, Intake manifolds, Pipes
Starting and charging parts Alternators, Starters, Drives, Alternators and starters components, Freewheels, Wires, Cables, Rotors and stators of starters and alternators, starters and alternators brushes.
Gas equipment Cylinders, gas nozzles, dispensers, mixers, LPG sets
Fuel system Fuel tanks, Fuel tank caps, Carburetors, Fuel filter housings, Fuel pumps and fuel injection pumps, Fuel racks, Neck and nozzles of fuel tanks, Tubes and hoses, Fuel pressure regulators, Valves and solenoids, Fuel nozzles and sprayers
Repair parts for popular manufactures
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