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Parts for service

During the inspection, the car is checked for the presence / absence of steering malfunctions, wheels and running gear, engine. Many parts wear out over time, it is necessary to carry out their timely replacement, and also don't forget about consumables of a vehicle.

Consumables are components and liquids, which need frequent replacement due to normal wear to prevent serious car breakdowns. These include car filters, fluids (engine oil, transmission and hydraulic oil, antifreeze, brake fluid), timing belt, spark plugs.

Periodic replacement of consumables is at the heart of the maintenance standards within the limits of guarantees provided by manufacturers of various machine models.

Consumables and the frequency of their replacement

Since all auto parts and fluids have their own service life, they must be replaced periodically.

Car filters are devices used to clean oils, air and keep the engine running. There are the following types:

  • fuel (average replacement frequency is five years);
  • oil (updated every 10.000-15.000 km);
  • cabin (replacement after 10.000 km);
  • air (change in the fall and every 20.000 km).

Engine oils are used for lubrication of piston, rotary internal combustion engines. It’s changed after overcoming 10 thousand km of distance. Gearbox oils, differential oils and antifreeze are renewed approximately every two years. Brake fluid and elements of the clutch drive complex are replaced every 40 thousand km. The wear period of spark plugs is 20-30 thousand kilometers. New timing belts need to be installed to cover a distance of 90-100 thousand km.

The choice of consumables depends on the vehicle configuration, year of its manufacture, frequency of operation, in accordance with the recommendations of service station specialists.

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