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Since 1949, under the NTK brand, NGK has been producing various sensors. The company has 14,500 employees at 24 plants, 5 technical centers and 43 subsidiaries.
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The NTK brand is owned by NGK, under which various sensors and Oxygen sensors are produced.

There are 986 models in the NTK range of oxygen sensors, which are designed for the assembly line of car manufacturers and the aftermarket. They fit 81% of gasoline vehicles in Europe and are the broadest range in the world. Among them there are also 6 universal models which fit 58 million cars existing in the world. NTK Oxygen sensors are available in three versions, depending on the requirements of the air-fuel mixture control system. The sensors differ in the sensing elements. They can be made of zirconium dioxide, titanium dioxide or be broadband. To improve the efficiency of the sensors, they are equipped with a ceramic heater. This makes the oxygen sensors work faster. In addition to oxygen sensors for air-fuel mixture control system, NTK manufactures sensors that measure the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx). And the company is the only supplier for automakers.

The NTK range consists of 350 MAF and 160 MAP sensors. The range is suitable for 89% of European cars that are equipped with either one or both of these sensors.


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