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One of the leading spare parts manufacturers in the world
Repair parts
Alternators, starters, suspension, brakes, transmissions, engine, steering, ignition, heating and air conditioning, air generation and supply, fuel system, cooling systems, filters.
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Oils & fluids
Car chemicals, liquids, paints, varnishes, sealants, oils, additives, lubricants, washing and cleaning agents
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Tools & garage
Drills, drills, cutting tools, drills, tools and devices for service stations, furniture stations, pneumatic and hand tools, protective clothing and protective equipment, power tools
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About company

A year before the founding of his own company in 1895, Ernst Sachs had already managed to register a patent for a bicycle hub. But the main product of the new factory was the then-demanded ball bearings. But the production of clutches and shock absorbers in Sachs switched only in the 1930s. But they quickly achieved success and today have become one of the world leaders. In 1992, the company absorbed the competitor Boge, leaving this brand only for those markets where it was especially popular. And at the beginning of the two thousandth, the company entered the concern ZF Friedrichshafen AG, of which it is now a part.

The list of car manufacturers that use Sachs parts on their conveyor is very wide and varies depending on the realities of production. If you make a list "for all times", then it will be almost all automakers. Many companies also use ZF gearboxes to complete their cars.

Since 1937, a special division of Sachs has been collaborating with various racing teams in different series. To date, companies that use Sachs parts have already won over 100 race victories. And the manufacturer uses this experience in the development of spare parts for production cars.

Sachs Spare Parts Range

consists of the following main product groups:

  • shock absorbers Sachs
  • service kits (anthers and chippers) Sachs
  • shock absorber mounts Sachs
  • Sachs springs
  • clutch parts Sachs
  • two-mass flywheels Sachs
  • clutch drives Sachs
  • clutch cables Sachs