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Since its founding in 1923, Bosal has accumulated a large and impressive experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying its products to customers all over the world. The global presence of the own research and development centers is complemented by a partner network of industry partners, as well as research and educational units. The company's annual turnover exceeds 520 million euros. The Bosal group employs more than 2,500 people in 12 manufacturing plants and 10 distribution centers
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Alternators, starters, suspension, brakes, transmissions, engine, steering, ignition, heating and air conditioning, air generation and supply, fuel system, cooling systems, filters.
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Exhaust system Muffler, corrugations, catalysts, manifolds, nozzles, resonators, tubes.
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Car chemicals, liquids, paints, varnishes, sealants, oils, additives, lubricants, washing and cleaning agents
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About Bosal

Bosal was founded by Karel Bos in the Dutch city of Alkmaar. Hence the name - Bos + Al (kmaar). And for almost 100 years of development and growth, his brainchild has become a powerful international company. Today Bosal serves its customers all over the world - from South Africa to Russia, from Brazil to China and from Europe to North America. The Dutch manufacturer is a reputable global manufacturer of systems for both the original equipment and aftermarket markets. The company's complete product line for the conveyor and aftermarket market includes:

  • emission control systems for light and commercial vehicles;
  • towbar and towbar systems;
  • energy conversion systems;
  • jacks and tool kits.

Today the Bosal Group remains a family owned Dutch company headquartered in Lummen, Belgium. It has three divisions: one is engaged in the development and supplies to the conveyor of car manufacturers, the second is in the supply of spare parts to the secondary market, and the third is in the development of energy recovery modules.

Muffler assemblies and Bosal muffler parts

For car owners, Bosal is known primarily for its exhaust systems and their components. Bosal makes an active contribution to sustainable mobility with its highly efficient exhaust systems. As a result of the know-how accumulated in cooperation with car manufacturers in the conveyor belt supply process, Bosal products for the aftermarket meet the most stringent requirements of all standards. The company also uses rigorous testing programs to ensure quality, durability and perfect installation accuracy. Bosal offers the widest range of replacement exhaust systems and components for the worldwide aftermarket. The following facts speak about the high quality of products:

  • all exhaust systems are made according to OE-templates and approved by car manufacturers;
  • all Bosal Aftermarket products comply with ISO / TS 16949;
  • all pipes are made of aluminum or stainless steel and there are no welds inside the muffler.

By the way, the development cycle for a new product is only eight weeks, which provides the company with a proactive position in the issue of assortment and a quick response to market needs.

Bosal catalytic converters

Bosal offers an extensive range of over 1000 catalytic converters for gasoline and diesel engines. From standard models to models with Euro 5 emission standards and Blauer Engel accreditation for premium vehicles. Bosal continues to actively apply its knowledge gained in cooperation with OEMs in the development of catalysts for the aftermarket. For example, in some models of catalysts, a thin layer of precious metals is applied - this technology was borrowed from original spare parts. All parts are created on the basis of templates for deliveries to the conveyor, and all catalysts comply with EU R103 regulations, which ensures a long service life from 80,000 km. Also in the process of development in the research laboratories of the manufacturer for the catalysts, simulation of the flow of exhaust gases, and tests for hot shaking and hydrothermal aging of the ceramic element are carried out. Bosal pays great attention to the shape and design of the catalyst. For example, the inlet cone optimizes the distribution of the exhaust gas flow. And the whole structure is designed to eliminate welding seams. The interior uses a compact material that can be layered in multiple layers for a larger surface area that maximizes the efficiency of the exhaust system. By the way, Bosal manufactures a wide range of universal catalysts that are cheaper than standard analogs and can be installed on a large number of popular cars. Each catalyst always comes with a complete set of mounting elements.

Diesel Particulate Filters

The Bosal DPF range is vehicle-specific and the product design is based on the latest OEM technology to ensure that the DPF works properly during the treatment of diesel exhaust gases. The DPF range uses two versions, depending on the use cases of the product. A cordierite underlay is generally recommended for vehicles that drive longer distances, and a silicon carbide underlay for city driving, including regular use of start / stop systems. Bosal DPF Diesel Particulate Filters use a highly efficient substrate to provide a certain level of regeneration. All particulate filters are certified, and the kit always contains all the necessary installation components. DPFs are carefully packed and fitted with plugs for maximum transport protection.

Bosal kits and accessories

Bosal supports its exhaust systems, catalytic converters and DPF range with dedicated mounting components. By the way, the perfectly precise installation of Bosal products under the vehicle underbody is ensured, among other things, by the correct combination of assembly parts for a specific product. The assortment of the company includes more than 3500 articles of components and accessories for exhaust systems, and their list is constantly expanding. It also includes flexible flexible pipes and pipe connectors that simplify the installation of various exhaust system options. By the way, developed by Bosal is a patented invention and guarantees 100% tightness. The manufacturer's rigorous testing programs ensure the durability of all parts.