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Depo was founded in 1977 and gained a good reputation among car owners very quickly. The Taiwanese manufacturer today is one of the leading suppliers of automotive optics to the aftermarket of auto parts. In addition to high-quality parts, the company beats most of its competitors with a wide range of products - on average, Depo adds up to 100 parts per month to its offer. Now in the company Depo Auto Parts Ind. Co. Ltd. there are four plants with an area of more than 33 thousand square meters, which employs more than 800 people

About company

In 1977, Depo began its business with the manufacture of automotive alloy parts. But very quickly the company switched to the production of automotive optics. This turned out to be the right decision - the company very quickly gained popularity among car owners with its products. Particularly because few companies supply headlights, turn signals and mirrors to the secondary auto parts market. And there are not so many high-quality analogues to original spare parts. In addition, a Taiwanese manufacturer could offer a competitive price, especially compared to European products. But do not think that price is the only success factor for Depo products. Already in 1993, a Taiwanese manufacturer achieved E-Mark certification for headlights sold in Europe. Three years later, they received the approval of the American community of automotive engineers SAE. The company did not stop further - it passed certification according to the requirements of the general quality management system standard ISO9001 / QS9000 in 2002. Then, for compliance with the specialized standard TS16949 for manufacturers of automotive components in 2004 and the standard CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) in 2005. Also, all production facilities comply with the "environmental" standard ISO14001 since 2006. Depo's third cornerstone of success has been its wide range of products, which can be called one of the most extensive in the world. Thanks to the quality, price and range, Depo has become one of the world leaders in the production and sales of automotive optics.

Car Lights, Optics, and Depo Headlight Components

Car headlights are Depo’s strong point. Taiwanese manufacturer is considered one of the largest in the world. In addition, the company supplies its products to the GM conveyor. Also on the network you can find unconfirmed information that Toyota is not shy about using Depo headlights for its small-scale cars so as not to reconfigure production. One of the important indicators of the quality of Depo headlights is the accuracy of their installation. Firstly, this is confirmed by the CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) certificate. Secondly, the experience of installation on numerous cars, including in Poland. And thirdly, in a test center, company employees check how ready-made headlights fit the car body. The Depo range includes headlamps, taillights, fog lights and even a series of Depo Performance tuned headlights. In addition, the company manufactures direction indicator lamps, parking lights, dimensions, license plate lamps, headlight glass, headlight plugs, mounting parts and other headlight components.

Car mirrors Depo


Using its vast experience in the manufacture of car headlights, DEPO strives to produce car mirrors of the highest quality, both in terms of appearance and in terms of functionality. As with the headlights, Depo has a huge assortment using only tempered glass for the production of mirrors. Mirrors, depending on the design, can be equipped with elements of heating, electronic adjustment and other components.

Depo Radiator Fans


Depo offers a complete line of cooling fans to meet all your cooling needs. An advanced variable speed fanless brushless fan control module is available for new cars.