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Depo was founded in 1977 and gained a good reputation among car owners very quickly. The Taiwanese manufacturer today is one of the leading suppliers of automotive optics to the aftermarket of auto parts. In addition to high-quality parts, the company beats most of its competitors with a wide range of products - on average, Depo adds up to 100 parts per month to its offer. Now in the company Depo Auto Parts Ind. Co. Ltd. there are four plants with an area of more than 33 thousand square meters, which employs more than 800 people.
Tail lights, LED lamps, interior lighting, headlights, fog lights, signal lights
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About Depo

Perfect Auto Lamp, Perfect Safety. 

Since its founding, DEPO and all of its employees have faithfully followed the management philosophy of “Perfect Auto Lamp, Perfect Safety” in its pursuit of perfection under the leader-ship of Chairman DEPO Hsu.The employees at DEPO has worked tireless under this concept to pursue perfection. 

DEPO will ensure to maintain our status as a leading company by consistently providing reliable, affordable and innovative products to our customers.

Brand Value 

DEPO is the abbreviation of "DEer POrt” which is the name of a small town with richly ancient and traditional culture of central Taiwan. The brand name encompasses the spirit of the old town and motivates us to have sustainable development. 

DEPO ever received the prestigious “TAIWAN TOP 20 Global Brands” award, as well as Taipei AMPA Innovation Awards. With brand value of 50 million dollars, we are the leading company of the auto lighting industry. Attributing to the innovation, high quality products and outstanding service, DEPO is now one of the most distinguished Taiwanese brands and serves customers in more than hundred countries that defines DEPO as a reliable, safe and top-notch brand.