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German quality that does not raise questions
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Alternators, starters, suspension, brakes, transmissions, engine, steering, ignition, heating and air conditioning, air generation and supply, fuel system, cooling systems, filters.
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Starting and charging parts Alternators, Starters, Drives, Alternators and starters components, Freewheels, Wires, Cables, Rotors and stators of starters and alternators, starters and alternators brushes.
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Car chemicals, liquids, paints, varnishes, sealants, oils, additives, lubricants, washing and cleaning agents
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Autohoist, Zderzak, Dougie, podnóżki, ochrona, lusterka, listwy i okładziny ciała, czyszczenia okien i reflektorów, chromowane wykończenia, emblematy, etykiety, naklejki
All parts


Pioneering. Precision. OE Heritage.

German precision - world-renowned

LEMFÖRDER is the No.1 brand in original equipment steering and chassis components. As a trusted partner of over 50 vehicle manufacturers worldwide LEMFÖRDER is a leader in the development of innovative passenger car, motorcycle, HCV and off-road chassis technology.

For over 70 years LEMFÖRDER has been known for its pioneering spirit and passion for detail – setting the highest standards in steering and suspension.

Founded in Lemförde near Bremen, LEMFÖRDER still engineers over 90% of its parts in Germany. As part of a global organization, LEMFÖRDER follows the footprints of the automotive industry and has production and engineering sites all over the world. Each LEMFÖRDER part is rigorously tested before entering the market.

A reputation for perfection

As an OE supplier to vehicle manufacturers for decades, LEMFÖRDER has a reputation for developing products that are perfectly suited to the overall vehicle system. Through excellence in engineering, development and testing, bringing the benefits of generations of OE manufacturing expertise and a pioneering spirit to the aftermarket.

The Lemforder range of products can be found in the Lemforder Parts section:

Lemforder Product Category List:

  • Suspension levers, Lemforder stabilizer stands
  • Lemforder Cross Rods and Bar Ends
  • Lemforder ball bearings
  • Rubber-metal drive parts: Lemforder engine and transmission brackets
  • Rubber and metal suspension parts (silent blocks) Lemforder