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The Swedish company Lesjöfors has been counting its history since 1675 when a steel plant was located at the same place as it is now. In 1849, the manufacturer switched to wire and metal cables, and after three years decided to produce coil springs. Therefore, the experience of Lesjöfors in the production of the highest quality springs has exceeded 150 years. Since 1989, the manufacturer entered the group of companies Beijer Alma AB. 1600 employees work at 24 factories in 12 countries.

About company

With 175 years of experience in the steel industry, Lesjöfors set about manufacturing springs in 1952, more than 150 years ago. Today, the Swedes produce absolutely any type of spring, not just automobile. The number of their customers is more than 13,000 customers in 60 countries - most of all in Sweden, Germany, Great Britain and China. The company’s activities are divided into three divisions: springs for industry, stamped parts and springs for the aftermarket for spare parts.

In the field of automotive springs, Lesjöfors has reached unprecedented heights. Their products are delivered to conveyors Volvo, Scania, JCB. High quality is guaranteed by many factors. Firstly, the production is certified in accordance with the requirements of the general quality management standard ISO9001: 2008, the production standard for the automotive industry ISO / TS16949: 2009 and the environmental standard ISO14001: 2004. In addition, Lesjöfors uses the quality standards of car manufacturers in its production. Which makes them similar to the original springs, or even better. By the way, all products are provided with a three-year warranty.

To guarantee the quality of products, the manufacturer independently conducts research activities, and only on sites with the most modern equipment in Sweden. In addition, all springs are made exclusively of stainless steel. In production, only the cold winding method is used and this happens exclusively on computerized automatic machines.

Coil springs Lesjöfors

The main product for the automotive sector. The complete assortment consists of 5500 springs, which are suitable for most cars in the world. Creating springs, Lesjöfors engineers use knowledge not only about metal, but also about the car's suspension and working conditions. The company uses its own software, which allows you to create a spring design taking into account a large number of factors that affect the operation of the spring. Lesjöfors springs use exclusively a constant section rod, which reduces the risk of damage compared to a cone section. At the same time, the manufacturer uses special spring steel: a rod hardened in oil or an annealed (not hardened) rod. In the case of winding a hardened wire, then it is released to relieve the stress of the metal. And non-hardened springs, on the contrary, harden after winding. Both options give an equally high-quality result. Also, the manufacturer uses only the cold winding method. This allows you to not use the mandrel and achieve good spring flexibility, while easily changing the diameter of the winding and other product characteristics. In addition, for some springs, both ends of the finished product are sharpened, if necessary in the design of the car. One of the final stages is shot blasting and spring upset, which help remove residual stress. And yet this operation prepares the spring for coloring when the surface of the part is treated with zinc phosphate and epoxy powder, by galvanic deposition. It is this technology that provides a high level of corrosion protection.

An important advantage of Lesjöfors springs is their compliance with the requirements of the BER1400 / 2002 standard, which means that they can be replaced even with warranty cars without loss of warranty. Besides the standard range of springs, Lesjöfors offers customers sets of sports springs. These are springs that lower the suspension to a height of 50 mm and allow you to enjoy all the advantages of driving an understated car and aggressive driving style. The assortment of about 800 sets, in particular for cars such as Volkswagen Golf, Citroen Saxo, Peugeot 306, Opel Corsa.

Springs Lesjöfors

Despite the fact that the springs are now mainly used only in heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles, they were invented earlier than the suspension springs. But they are not so widespread due to the fact that in the assortment of leaf springs there are only 250 articles that can be used in 70 car models. And this is still one of the widest assortments in Europe.

The company produces two types of springs - parabolic and leaf, which are used depending on the car and on the goals of the car owner. Although the production methods of the two types of springs is different. The components of leaf springs are stamped, and for parabolic springs are produced by hot rolling. In the process of cooling, parabolic springs are shot-blasted. Multi-leaf springs are painted only on the upper side (anti-corrosion grease is applied on the lower side of the sheet). But the parabolic springs are completely stained. The company also produces fasteners for springs, the so-called U-bolts.

Gas springs (trunk and hood shock absorbers) Lesjöfors