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The German company Mahle was founded in 1920, and over the century it has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of parts for the engine and around the engine. In 2017, the company's turnover amounted to 956 million euros. To achieve such results, 78,000 people work in 170 divisions around the world. The company manufactures products under seven brand names. MAHLE, Knecht and Behr spare parts are available to Ukrainian car owners. Metal Leve, Izumi, Clevite are brands for the local markets of the South America, Japan and United States, and Brain Bee manufactures equipment for car repair-shop.
Repair parts
Alternators, starters, suspension, brakes, transmissions, engine, steering, ignition, heating and air conditioning, air generation and supply, fuel system, cooling systems, filters.
All parts
Heating and air conditioning system Autonomous heaters (WEBASTO), Fans, Ducts, Evaporators, Air-conditioning compressors, Condensers, Dehumidifiers, Pipes, Damper actuators, Radiators, Heating pipes and hoses
Body parts
Windows, trunks, rear, front and side covers and moldings, doors, cabins, fenders, roofs
All parts

About Mahle/Behr

MAHLE Behr: an alliance for the ages

More than two years ago the Behr brand became part of the MAHLE group. The combination of the two companies has helped to create the perfect duo: MAHLE makes engines more powerful and Behr protects them from overheating. Under the brand name MAHLE Behr are produced cooling system fans, radiators for cooling systems, heaters, intercoolers, as well as thermostats, air conditioners and more.

The largest range of parts is available under the Mahle brand - engine components, peripherals and other parts. Filters are produced under the Knecht brand, and thermostats, thermostats and temperature sensors are produced under the BEHR brand. The concern also owns three more local brands. Clevite is an engine parts for American cars. Metal Leve is a wide range of parts that are sold only in South America. And Izumi is parts for commercial vehicles in Japan. The seventh brand, Brain Bee, is used to manufacture car service equipment. In addition to the main range of parts shown below, the company's product list includes electric motors and power electronics for electric cars, as well as the Classic Line line of parts for classic oldtimer cars.

The name Behr is well known to car owners all over the world, and in conjunction with the authority of Mahle, these thermostats have become even more popular. All types of thermostats are available. The classic thermostat inserts that are used in most engines. Or more modern integrated thermostats that combine the insert, cap and gasket. Housing thermostats, consisting of a cover and a housing, are also available. One of the more modern options are controlled thermostats in which the heating resistor element is integrated into an expanding working body filler. Temperature sensors, oil thermostats and exhaust gas recirculation thermostats are also available.