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Manual tool 

Keys and key sets Keys and key sets
Sets of hand tools Sets of hand tools
Trumpet keys and wrenches Trumpet keys and wrenches
Specialized tools and strippers Specialized hand tools, pullers, bolt cutters, torque wrenches
Ratchet Ratchet
The discs, saws and supplies Instrument Cutting wheel for metal, diamond wheel, polishing wheel, grinding wheel for metal, grinding wheel, wire brush, disk abrasive
Tap wrenches and extensions Tap wrenches and extensions
Head and head sets Head and head sets
Jacks Mechanical jacks, hydraulic jacks, pneumatic jacks, rolling jacks, screw jacks, diamond jacks, vertical jacks (bottle), rack jacks, accessories (handle, emphasis, extension cord, bag, repair kit), car jack
Multitools, universal sets Multitools, universal sets
Sweep Sweep
Sandpaper Sandpaper
Measuring tools Measuring tools
Tool sets Tool sets
Taps and dies Taps and dies
Pistols lubricants (manual, pneumatic) Pistols lubricants (manual, pneumatic)
Tools Hex & Torx Tools Hex & Torx
Tools for rivets Tools for rivets
Tools for cable and wiring Tools for cable and wiring
Tools for marking and designation Tools for marking and designation
Adhesive tape and electrical tape Adhesive tape and electrical tape
Brushes and rollers Brushes and rollers
Welding and brazing Welding, welding inverters (apparatus), welding transformer, oil seals, blowtorches, welding wire, welder mask, solder, electrodes, soldering station
Mount and crowbar Mount and crowbar
Impact Sockets Impact Sockets
Hammers and hammers Hammers and hammers
Files and Needle Files and Needle
Scissors Scissors
And sealant gun Glue And sealant gun Glue
Screwdrivers Screwdrivers
Tweezers Tweezers
Pliers and wire cutters Pliers and wire cutters
Punches, chisels Punches, chisels
Cutting tools Hacksaw, plane, hacksaw blade, glass cutter, scalpel, knife saw, miter box, bow saw, metal saw, chisel, tile cutter
Staple guns Staple guns
Vises and clamps Vises and clamps
Extractors Extractors
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