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Osram is a well-known lighting solutions brand founded in 1919 in Germany. Since then, the company has become a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions for a wide range of applications, including automotive lighting.
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On April 17, 1906, the OSRAM trademark was registered in Germany. Light bulbs were produced under this brand. The brand name comes from two materials that were needed at the time to make light bulb filaments - initially Osmium (chrome) and then Wolfram (or tungsten). On July 1, 1919, these words became part of the company name: OSRAM Werke GmbH Kommanditgesell-schaft. At that time, the large companies Auer-Gesellschaft, AEG and Siemens & Halske AG merged their lamp production, and since 1978 Siemens AG has become the sole shareholder of Osram AG, which remains to this day. In 1919, the world famous OSRAM logo appeared - an image with a light bulb. Osram is today one of the two largest lighting manufacturers in the world. The company is headquartered in Munich. In fiscal 2007 (end-September), sales were € 4.7 billion. Osram has 54 factories in 18 countries around the world. The total number of employees is over 41,000 people. Osram is the main supplier of automotive lamps and LEDs for cars, and is also one of the market leaders in the field of electronic ballasts (ECG) for lamps.