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Shell is a global brand founded in 1907 in the United Kingdom. Today, it is a Dutch-British company that is primarily known for its production and distribution of oil and gas products, but also offers a range of other goods and services.

Shell is the world's largest Anglo-Dutch concern for oil and gas production, production and processing of petroleum products (gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, fuel oil, lubricants, solid hydrocarbons, bitumen, etc.). The company was founded in 1907 by the merger of the Dutch Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and the English Shell Transport and Trading Company Limited. Currently, Shell's range of products for vehicles covers the production and distribution of fuels, motor oils, additives, lubricants. More than 112,000 Shell employees work in 140 countries. The company conducts geological exploration and production of oil and gas in more than 36 countries around the world. Shell accounts for about 3% of world oil production and 3.5% of natural gas. Shell owns the world's largest network of petrol stations under a single brand, which numbers more than 46 thousand stations. The Shell brand has been ranked first in popularity among motorists for several years in a row.