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TRW, a recognized leader in the production of brake system components, boasts an impressive history and a long path of development. Founded in 1901 in the USA, TRW has evolved from a small manufacturer to a global giant in the field of automotive components.<br><br>Since 2015, the TRW brand has been owned by the German company ZF Friedrichshafen AG, one of the largest auto component manufacturers in the world. The Germans also own the brands Sachs, Lemfoerder, Wabco, and ZF Parts. The company focuses on innovation and safety, producing components that meet the highest industry standards. TRW has a strong reputation among original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and in the aftermarket for spare parts.<br><br>TRW's product range includes a wide spectrum of components for brake systems. These include disc and drum brake pads, brake discs, calipers, brake cylinders, as well as handbrake parts. The company also manufactures ABS sensors, brake boosters, hoses, and cables. Special attention is given by TRW to the development of high-tech brake systems. Besides brake systems, TRW also offers a wide range of other automotive components, including steering systems and suspension. This allows the company to meet the diverse needs of the automotive industry.<br><br>Thanks to its innovative approach, TRW has earned consumer trust and established itself as a reliable partner in the world of automotive spare parts. The company continues to implement advanced technologies to ensure the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers on roads around the world.<br><br>In light of modern challenges such as the rapid development of automotive technologies and increasing demands for safety and environmental friendliness in transport, TRW remains at the forefront of innovation in the automotive components industry. For instance, they were the first in the world to create special brake pads adapted for the operating conditions of brake systems in electric vehicles.
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