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All goods Febi 

Goods for cars and trucks
Repair parts
Alternators, starters, suspension, brakes, transmissions, engine, steering, ignition, heating and air conditioning, air generation and supply, fuel system, cooling systems, filters.
All parts
Oils & fluids
Car chemicals, liquids, paints, varnishes, sealants, oils, additives, lubricants, washing and cleaning agents
All parts
Car care products Chemical Products for air conditioning, Sealants, Adhesives, Fluids for maintenance of air filters, Car Care
car seats, seats, mats, cushions and frames, organizer, sun protection, interior parts, covers, noise
All parts
Interior linings and frames Covers and frames for air ducts, Covers and frames for the dashboard (Torpedo), Covers and frames for the center console, Pedals

About Febi

Since its foundation in 1844, the company has been selling various metal products for a long time. By 1880, Ferdinand Bilstein realized that it was more profitable to produce and then sell, so they began to produce turned bolts and nuts. The breakthrough was the spring bolt, which had to be patented in 1921. A little later, the Febi brand appeared, and after it the assortment expanded. After that, the company began to develop rapidly and rapidly, enter new markets and master the production of more and more spare parts, including for trucks.

The full range of spare parts of the concern is 60,000 items. Of these, 37,000 spare parts are Febi products. These are products for passenger cars (engine parts, transmission and suspension) and for trucks (brake system parts, trailer connectors, cab and body parts, engine parts).

Febi manufactures part of the spare parts on its own, including at its main plant in Ennepetal. And he orders some from reliable partners - for example, such reputable companies as Iwis and Stabilus.

Like any German company, Febi cares about quality and values the confidence it has in products labeled "Made in Germany". Our own production and careful quality control allow us to produce spare parts that meet all the requirements of car manufacturers. The level of OE parts is the main reference point for Febi. And the experience of delivering to the assembly plants of Mercedes-Benz cars and DAF trucks helps with this.

The company tests all manufactured and ordered parts to ensure their quality. Checks take place at different stages and different departments work closely together in this process, because each test plays an important role. Studies include dimensional checks for fit, material used and product destructive tests.

The Febi brand is part of the Bilstein Group:

Febi range of automotive products

  • Febi steering and suspension parts
  • Rubber-metal parts (supports and silent blocks) Febi
  • Febi brake system parts
  • Febi sensors and actuators
  • Febi Electrical Parts
  • Febi air conditioning and heating system parts
  • Details of the gas distribution mechanism (timing) Febi
  • Febi engine cooling system
  • Febi technical fluids
  • Febi Filters
  • Febi Engine Parts
  • Febi Wheel Nuts & Bolts
  • Febi Drive Parts
  • Febi body parts
  • FebiPlus Details